Strategic Initiatives

Discover how bringing people and data together can create data sharing opportunities. Develop tools and strategies for strengthening your network’s data sharing capacity.

We’ll be with you every step of the way. 

The overall health of our world depends on the strength of connection between its various parts—from animals to water, air to soil. 

The ecosystems of technology, policy, and social impact organizations that work to improve the lives of people and communities depend on this same strength of connection. Organizations and networks that comprise any ecosystem have the ability to use and share data with one another to solve common problems and move together towards a common purpose. 

But these ecosystems need to ensure that data is made available to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

Brighthive Data Ecosystem Development Services can help.

Ecosystem Design

Work with Brighthive to design new data-driven initiatives and investment strategies that enable your ecosystem to collect, manage, and use data strategically. 

  • Assess the current state of data sharing within your ecosystem.
  • Envision an ideal state of the ecosystem.
  • Develop a strategy—including your organization’s role—for moving your ecosystem from its current state to your ideal state.

Ecosystem Development

Partner with Brighthive to scale an initiative within one of your networks that enables network members to strategically collect, manage, and share data.

  • Build the infrastructure and technical tools for network members to begin connecting their data.
  • Develop a customized toolkit to onboard new members to your network’s infrastructure.
  • Build capacity throughout your network through training that certifies network-building partners to utilize the toolkit with network members.

Ecosystem Strategy

Consult with Brighthive to receive strategic guidance on innovative technology initiatives and projects in need of data-sharing expertise.

  • Consult with Brighthive on projects in need of expertise and guidance on data collaboration, data standards, data infrastructure, and strategy. 
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews and engagement with a community formed around a data-sharing project.
  • Lead working groups around data-specific topics relevant to the project.

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