Discover potential data collaborations and seamlessly share data with other organizations using Brighthive.

Brighthive’s platform and services allow you to collaborate with other organizations in your network to solve shared problems and achieve common goals.

Learning & Work
Gain valuable talent ecosystem insights.

Brighthive’s data collaboration platform and services allow organizations and networks to responsibly share talent data so they can better help employers, workers and learners navigate the education-to-work pipeline.

Jobs for the Future (JFF) is using Brighthive’s data collaboration platform and services to help workforce development boards measure and evaluate training program outcomes.

Aggregate demand-side employer data including job requirements and skill needs and map training programs within regions.

Measure the ROI of workforce and training programs so that individuals and employers can easily navigate the training and education marketplace.

Use learning and employment records (LER) to connect individuals to new training and employment opportunities.

Coordinate efforts and improve the delivery of public services.

Brighthive’s data collaboration platform and services help state and local governments—and the private service providers who partner with government—to responsibly share data with one another so they can increase their ability to meet the evolving needs of the communities.

Colorado Department of Higher Education uses Brighthive to help Coloradans make better informed education and career planning decisions.

Make labor market information more robust and widely available in order to better serve public and private training providers.

Increase the availability of social services and the ability of individuals and families to easily determine eligibility and apply.

Decrease the amount of time and money government agencies spend delivering services by reducing redundancies in record-keeping and programmatic data.

Social sector
Increase the impact of programs for social good.

Brighthive’s data collaboration platform and services enable philanthropic and nonprofit organizations to responsibly collect and analyze data to maximize the impact they have on the lives of those they serve.

Birmingham Promise and United Way of Central Alabama use Brighthive to increase student enrollment and provide more comprehensive pathways to local employment and careers.

Make data-driven decisions about nonprofit operations, program development and strategic funding.

Measure the impact of programs and services without requiring each contributor to adopt a new system or align their metrics.

Reduce the staff burden of data collection and reporting for social sector organizations and their partners.

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