Unlock the power of your data, together

Cut the costs of data sharing in half without compromising security or visibility

Empower your data teams and your data partners to create new data products faster

Distributed data teams accelerate their time to insight by collaborating on the Brighthive platform.
Manage complex data relationships and shared workflows across your data ecosystem with confidence.

Data discovery across networked data catalogs

See everyone’s data in a shared workspace. Search across pooled metadata to easily find the right data, no matter where it’s stored.

  • Browse or search for data across multiple organizations, teams, and data catalogs
  • Find similar datasets and align on schema across partners and teams
  • Tag PII, add rich data context, and more
Shared data project management

Brighthive’s data project management features make building data products with shared data easier

  • Create collaborative data projects using templates or from scratch
  • Share and communicate with collaborators in context
  • Build and monitor the workflow from end-to-end
  • Track issues and use along the entire data product lifecycle
Shared governance with automatically monitored policies

Secure your data assets for other’s use with governed policies, rules, and permissions. Use our policy engine to apply and monitor workspace policies. Choose who in your network has access to what data and what they can do with it.

  • Templates to easily assign predefined governance settings
  • Automate monitoring of data policies critical to sharing, including privacy, quality, usage, transparency, and bias
  • Advanced multi-org access management and role-based controls
  • Advanced support for multiple modern governance types, including data trust, data exchanges, and data collaboratives

Seamless integration into the modern data stack

Hundreds of supported connections with metadata and data sources across organizations, supporting seamless integration with your data stack. Brighthive follows data mesh architecture principles to enable organization-level ownership and control while allowing cross-organization collaboration and governance.

  • Easy integration into the modern data stack with 200+ connectors
  • Support for open lineage, open metadata, great expectations, and more. If it’s open source, we support it and integrate with it.
  • Advanced workspace types support privacy-preserving sharing, regardless of your stack

See how our platform can help your data teams collaborate better

The platform’s strategic impact

Jobs for the Future (JFF) uses Brighthive’s data collaboration platform and services to help workforce development boards measure and evaluate training program outcomes.

The Colorado Department of Higher Education helps Coloradans make better informed education and career planning decisions with our platform.

Education Design Lab uses Brighthive to power its Community College Growth Engine Fund to accelerate the creation of non-degree pathways to employment by community colleges across the US.