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Want to connect with others who are passionate about responsible data use and data sharing to increase collective impact?
The Brighthive partner ecosystem
Partnership allows your organization to unlock opportunities through our platform and services and experience a partnership that prioritizes partner enablement, education and training, and ongoing support.
Interested in expanding the value of your product to meet customer needs? Join our program as a solutions partner and embed Brighthive into your offerings, so your customers can develop and manage their data sharing needs.
Are you a professional services organization looking to enable safe and secure data collaboration? Join our program as a services partner, stay up-to-date on best practices, and support customer success on Brighthive’s platform to develop and manage customers' data sharing use cases.
Want to sell Brighthive products and services to meet customer needs? Join our program as a reseller partner and unlock opportunities to grow your business.

Brighthive helps organizations and networks discover potential data collaborations and seamlessly share data with one another.

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