Measuring Mission Impact while Improving Online Search for Programs with the Goodwill Data Trust

Goodwill, Google, and Brighthive partner for a high-impact data initiative focused on measurably improving access to opportunity for everyone that Goodwill serves.

Goodwill Industries International (GII), in collaboration with and Brighthive, has launched an exciting new initiative called the Data Impact Collaboration (IDC) aimed at increasing Goodwill’s ability to measure the impact of its programs. The IDC will help improve data collection, evaluation and standardization across local Goodwill® organizations. Goodwill team members from across the country will work closely with Google Data Fellows to build and enhance data systems, streamline data submissions, and ultimately increase Goodwill’s capacity to utilize its data.

Google fellows will assist with the development of tools enabling local Goodwill organizations to supply concise information to GII, helping Goodwill better understand factors contributing to participant success.  Additionally, through an innovative partnership with the Census Bureau, program participant data will be matched with unemployment data from all 50 states with the goal of better understanding participant employment outcomes from Goodwill programs. Finally, the IDC will improve the discoverability of Goodwill’s job training programs on the open web.