Improving Pathways to Opportunity with a Statewide Data Trust in Colorado

Building the next generation platform for career navigation and guidance in Colorado on a multi-agency data trust

The State of Colorado is embarking on a groundbreaking multi-agency project that envisions a sustainable, modern, and personalized web-based service that securely organizes education, training, and career planning information for both individual user portfolios and professional case management. This platform will connect and build upon existing datasets, agreements, and tools across participating agencies. Citizens from middle schoolers to adults will input information about themselves and set and pursue career and education goals in one comprehensive hub that will house their accomplishments throughout their lives. Case managers will set goals and manage progress of their clients. Data will be securely shared among state agencies and organizations to better serve Coloradans holistically.

The system’s career exploration technology module arms users with a personalized opportunity dataset (e.g., job growth rate, compensation, education requirements and cost), and includes a broad set of post-secondary opportunities, including careers, vocational training, “bootcamps”, and apprenticeships, in addition to traditional higher ed. Our algorithms prioritize transferable skills to expand the scope of opportunities presented to individual users, and de-prioritize discriminatory factors (e.g., zip code, level of education, interests) that hide some lucrative careers from underserved populations.

K12 users will see clear and easy paths to available federal (e.g., FAFSA) and state educational financing opportunities. Over time, we plan to connect additional private funding sources to our student interface.

Parental and individual consent management mechanisms will be configurable, offering different levels of control based on user age and preferences, as well as local school district decisions.

This system will replace several existing systems, whose funding streams can be re-purposed toward this new system for long-term sustainability.