Brighthive Team

With decades of collective experience in government, social impact, software engineering, and data management, our team makes Brighthive’s vision possible.

Matt Gee


Tom Plagge


Natalie Evans Harris

Chief Strategy Officer (Acting)

David Goodman

Head of Social Sector

Shelby Everitt

Culture and People Manager

Greg Mundy

VP of Engineering

Kelly Dolan

Marketing Director

Ann Le

VP of Finance

Danielle Saunders

Talent Marketplace Ecosystem Analyst

Natalie Ortiz

Director of Premium Services

Matt Stevens

Director of Data Trusts

Autumn Felty

Data Governance Lead

Laura Faulkner

Director of Talent Sector

Regina Compton

Lead Software Engineer

Logan Ripplinger

Sr. Software Engineer

Matt Lerner

Data Scientist

Samantha Levy

Community Engagement Manager

Maithri Vangala

Director of Community Engagement

John O'Sullivan

Software Engineer / Liaison

Micaela Stump

Senior Product Manager

Elle Gemma Gruver

Data Trust Lead

Kalika Vaidya

Software Engineer

Jillian Gilburne

Project Coordinator

Katie Mehin

Learning Ecosystem Lead

Patricia Gotera

Data Trust Coordinator

Matt Trahan

Senior Product Designer

Jin Choi

Software Engineer

Eric Justice

Business Development Representative