We love connecting people and data

We believe in the power of data and collaboration to solve big problems. That's what gets us out of bed in the morning. We can't wait to help you solve your data sharing problems too.

Responsible data sharing for all

As a public benefit corporation, our mission isn’t just marketing material, it’s core to our business and baked into our product DNA.

Our mission is singular: to connect the world’s data responsibly and purposefully, driving informed action through collaboration.

Data collaboration starts here

We started Brighthive because we saw too many organizations wanting to share data and collaborate, but failing to make it happen.

We saw community colleges unable to share data to help their students succeed.

We saw mid-sized manufacturers unable to share data with their suppliers to save costs.

We saw government agencies unable to share data to streamline service delivery.

We saw hundreds of these data sharing failures and the costs they had for everyone involved.

We wanted to fix that.

So, we’ve built a cloud-based platform that makes cross-enterprise data sharing and collaboration possible using our years experience in developing successful collaborations and through iterative product design.

If you want your data sharing and collaboration problems solved, we’d love for you to join us!

Our Leadership
Matt Gee
Matt Gee Chief Executive Officer

Matt Gee is an entrepreneur, data scientist, and applied researcher, with three prior startups and hundreds of collaborative data projects under his belt. After seeing the same challenges to data sharing and collaboration get in the way of impact over and over, he knew he needed to figure out how to make data sharing and collaboration across multiple data teams easier. Through piloting new forms of responsible data sharing and reuse (e.g. data collaboratives, data trusts, self-sovereign data) and helping stand up innovative networks of individuals and organizations managing their combined data, a product thesis emerged and became Brighthive's data collaboration platform. Matt's brings experience from previous successful ventures in energy and climate analytics and low-code data & analytics management to Brighthive. He was also the co-founder of Data Science for Social Good, and has held senior research fellow positions at the University of Chicago's Center for Data Science and Public Policy and the Knowledge Lab. In his spare time he and his brother busk on the streets of Chicago as a band called Governing Bodies.

Suzanne El-Moursi
Suzanne El-Moursi Chief Operating Officer

An accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, Suzanne has 22 years experience in startup operations, digital transformations, brand strategy, growth marketing, and multi-round startup fundraising .After 13 years leading innovation and growth strategies for brands including IBM, HSBC, GE Healthcare, and SapientNitro, her passion for entrepreneurship led to a career shift to building startup businesses. She has focused on brand equity and people diversity. In the past decade, she has been part of four startups with two startup exits.