Our platform and services help networks of organizations increase their impact and value by creating the business, legal and technical framework needed to securely and responsibly link their data.

the brighthive mission
Responsible data sharing for all

Brighthive’s mission is to see society’s disconnected data be responsibly linked and purposefully used as a force for good that increases efficacy, equity and efficiency.

Organizations from every sector benefit when they uncover the insights found in the places where their data intersects with data from another organization. But often, the business, legal and technical challenges they face to responsibly share data have been too great to overcome. These organizations and networks need a solution that helps them address these challenges simultaneously and unlock the value of their combined data.

Brighthive’s data collaboration platform and services allow organizations to discover potential data collaborations and seamlessly share data with other organizations.

Our values

At Brighthive, we measure our success not only by the work itself, but how we do the work and the way our work impacts the world.


We make the whole greater than the sum.


We find joy in making connections.


We place ethics and equity at the center of our work.


We cultivate curiosity and challenge assumptions.


We prize candor, clarity and transparency.


We make and keep high-integrity commitments.


We define and measure what matters.


We accommodate real life.


We balance unity in purpose with diversity of thought and experience.