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BrightHive is an impact-driven data technology company using a suite of smart data collection, integration and governance products to transform the way social services providers share data, make decisions, and affect the behavioral outcomes of beneficiaries.

We focus on building this infrastructure in:


Our platform demonstrates how to make the wage and employment outcomes of every education and training program in a geographic region publicly available and easily accessible by job seekers, training organizations, and employers.

Early Education

Coming in 2019.



Basket gives your network of education and training providers a secure central data upload portal that provides immediate feedback and robust validation on uploads improving the quality of data you receive

A lack of data standards within education and training provider organizations makes it sometimes difficult to compare data and derive outcome-driven insight. We understand that this affects your ability to build impact-promising interventions. This is why we built BrightHive Basket.

With Basket you can…
  • a single point of entry for data uploading, validation, and secure transmission
  • Immediate, detailed, and automated feedback on data uploads, mapping data to your expectations of standards and quality
  • a detailed upload history by timestamps, organization, or user
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Better inform providers, participants and funders on program outcomes and seamlessly comply with federal reporting requirements for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

Impact potential can often times not be fully understood - and it impacts people and funding. The reason is a lack of regular contact with outcomes data and siloed data across organizations in the ecosystem. BrightHive Reframe is here to help you look at yours and your partner’s education and training data holistically and find the best possible way forward.

With Reframe you can…
  • Intelligently link records across agencies using workforce data standards
  • Streamline compliance with federal reporting requirements and reduce institutional burden
  • Support data-driven decision-making with accessible real-time outcomes data
  • Automatically connect educational investments to wage and employment outcomes
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Best practices for open standards, security, and compliance.

Transparent, Open Source Stack

Deploy our modular containerized microservices on premises, or using your favorite cloud service provider. View our code on GitHub: OpenHousing, Workforce, and more.

Increase Value and Lower Costs

Automate compliance with federal and local reporting requirements, deploy data quality monitoring, deduplicate and link records across data silos. Integrate with existing enterprise software using Open Data Exchange Standards and APIs

Secure and Reliable

Implement ethics, privacy, and security standards with our expert-designed and facilitated Data Trust legal framework. Data Trust allows for simple and secure multi-party Data Governance. End-to-end Security and Compliance.

We Are Brighthive

With decades of collective experience in government, social impact, software engineering, and data management, our team makes BrightHive’s vision possible.

Matt Gee


Tom Plagge


Andrew Means

VP of Strategy

Natalie Evans Harris


David Goodman

VP of Ecosystem Development

Vyki Englert

Product Manager

Shelby Everitt

Project Manager

Adam Gillette

Director of Program Development

Kwame Porter Robinson

Lead Data Scientist

Gregory Mundy

Principal Systems Architect

BrightHive in the Press

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BrightHive in collaboration with NHSA was recently named one of the Early Childhood Innovation Prize’s “Top Ideas” because of its potential to create breakthrough impact for young children. As one of 15 Top Ideas selected from more than 570 ideas submitted from innovators in 100 countries through OpenIDEO’s prize platform, we will share in $1 million in prize funding from Gary Community Investments (GCI) to help accelerate our impact.

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BrightHive is a co-founding and active contributor and evangelist of the Community Principles For Ethical Data Sharing (CPEDS). Together with co-founders Bloomberg, and Data For Democracy as well as our growing community of ethical data advocates we believe that we need to define ethical and responsible behaviors for sourcing, sharing and implementing data in a manner that will cause no harm and maximize positive impact. The goal of this initiative is to develop a community-driven code of ethics for data collection, sharing and utilization that provides people in the data science community a standard set of easily digestible, recognizable principles for guiding their behaviors.

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