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Securely share and combine data with partners to create new data products.

Unify and automate critical processes for trusted data sharing and management

Fill the sharing & collaboration gap in your modern data stack with Brighthive. Our platform enables you to connect and collaborate with other data teams to build impactful data products in half the time.

Brighthive provides a secured and governed workspace for metadata sharing, data workflow design, trusted execution, and monitored use.

Increase the reach and impact of your existing data stack by combining it with others in a trusted environment.

We have a template for that
Brighthive's pre-built data project templates take the complexity out of building new data products with your team and your partners. Built on industry data standards around common use cases, templates allow you to focus on the last mile of data collaboration and get to ROI faster.
Public Sector

Coordinated Referral

Federal Reporting

Public-private data partnerships

Education & Workforce

Comprehensive learner records

Return on Investment


Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Inventory & demand forecast exchange

Production exchange

Predictive maintenance sharing


Parameterized contingent risk modeling

IOT Collaborative

Insurance Stat Reporting

Alternative Governance

Data Collaborative

Data Trust

Data Commons

Cost-effectively speed your transformation to a modern collaborative data stack

Organizations spend on average $250K per project per year attempting to share data. Brighthive can cut that by more than half—all without compromising security, visibility, or control.

Whom we've helped

Brighthive helps organizations and networks discover potential data collaborations and seamlessly share data with one another.

The latest data thinking from Brighthive
Happy Data Privacy Day! Brighthive is using this often overlooked day of awareness as an opportunity to kick off a series that will look at the importance of data privacy through the lens of current events.
Co-authored by Laura Faulkner, BrightHive and Josh Copus, JFF.
For years my mantra has been, "I just want to see data used to transform lives.

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