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Brighthive Data TrustsA Brighthive Data Trust provides the legal, governance, and technical framework that empowers networks of organizations to securely connect their data sources and create new, shared data resources.

Legal & Ethical Framework

Organizations collaboratively develop and execute a transparent Data Trust Agreement (DTA), equipped with a Brighthive developed template.

Technical Standards and Tools

Brighthive Data Trusts automate the process for data trust members to connect, standardize and securely share their data.

Data Governance Process

Data trust members form a data trust governance board to manage, monitor and sustain the data trust and address current and future data collaboration challenges.

The three phases of Brighthive Data Trusts

Data trust design

Brighthive helps assess potential member organizations, the data they are able to contribute, and the new data resources that will be managed by the trust.

Data trust development

Brighthive guides member organizations to develop and execute a Data Trust Agreement (DTA) that provides the rules for integrating and sharing members’ data.

Data trust management

The Brighthive platform configures software for the collection and integration of data and issues API credentials to approved users for approved uses.

What can a Brighthive Data Trust do?When two or more organizations seek to solve similar problems, each organization benefits when they are able to make specific data available to one another.

  • Each organization obtains clearer insights to inform better decision making.
  • The organizations can better align and coordinate their work.
  • The network develops an infrastructure and process to measure impact, effectiveness and return on investment.

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