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BrightHive provides standard, modular, open source, cloud-hosted data integration services enabling outcomes-focused social service programs.

We focus on building this infrastructure in:


Our platform demonstrates how to make the wage and employment outcomes of every education and training program in a geographic region publically available and easily accessible by job seekers, training organizations, and employers.

Health &
Human Services

Our platform seeks to improve the health, housing stability, and wellbeing of vulnerable individuals by enabling system-level outcomes and cost data to make the case for public and private investment in permanent supportive housing and other evidence-based solutions.

Early Education

Coming in 2019.


Best practices for open standards, security, and compliance.

Transparent, Open Source Stack

Deploy our modular containerized microservices on premises, or using your favorite cloud service provider. View our code on GitHub: OpenHousing, Workforce, and more.

Increase Value and Lower Costs

Automate compliance with federal and local reporting requirements, deploy data quality monitoring, deduplicate and link records across data silos. Integrate with existing enterprise software using Open Data Exchange Standards and APIs

Secure and Reliable

Implement ethics, privacy, and security standards with our expert-designed and facilitated Data Trust legal framework. Data Trust allows for simple and secure multi-party Data Governance. End-to-end Security and Compliance.

Case Studies

Workforce: Colorado

To keep up with the ever-changing demands of an increasingly dynamic labor market, state and local workforce agencies must go from being technology laggards to technology leaders who support vibrant, interconnected local workforce data ecosystems.

This pilot aims to make the wage and employment outcomes for every job training program in the State of Colorado publicly available. In cooperation with Skillful, a Markle Foundation initiative, and the Colorado Department of Higher Education, the pilot will create and support the use of a new structured training program performance report, which in turn will be used to facilitate workforce training searching and matching by state and local workforce agencies, as well as to assist potential trainees via third-party applications.

Training provider data will be uploaded and validated using a secure web application, processed in Python, and added to a Postgres data warehouse. This data will then be merged with unemployment insurance wage records on state-hosted infrastructure, and the outcomes for each program will be computed and made available--along with basic program and credentials data--via a lightweight Flask-powered API

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Health & Human Services: Indiana

This pilot seeks to improve the health, housing stability, and wellbeing of vulnerable individuals in Indiana by making available system-level outcomes and cost data across multiple service providers. The ultimate aim is to unlock new public and private investment in permanent supportive housing and other evidence-based solutions for high utilizers of health and housing services.

BrightHive and Anthem BlueCross BlueShield have convened a broad variety of cross-sector stakeholders in Indiana, including the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention Indy, in order to identify and better meet the health and housing needs of unstably-housed individuals. This project seeks to develop interoperable data services to grow and support a coordinated ecosystem for overlapping service sectors, as they collaborate to improve outcomes and reduce overall costs.

BrightHive is contributing to existing open-source software projects which make homelessness data available via APIs, and is working with Superconductive Health to ingest and process Medicaid claims data for the subpopulation of patients experiencing housing instability. We also work closely with stakeholders and experts in housing and health to develop reliable cost and outcome metrics.

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We Are Brighthive

With decades of collective experience in government, social impact, software engineering, and data management, our team makes BrightHive’s vision possible

Matt Gee

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Plagge

CTO/Chief Scientist

Andrew Means

VP of Strategy

Natalie Evans Harris

COO/VP of Ecosystem Development

Franziska Gonder

VP of Customer Success

Vyki Englert

Product Manager

Shelby Everitt

Project Manager

Adam Gillette

Director of Program Development

Aretha Kebirungi

Lead Software Engineer

Stanley Ndagi

Software Engineer

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